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I Love Balls So Much

God bless this man. One time we went to a mets game and got loaded. I was building cup snakes behind homeplate with him. We had Marlins Mans tickets, right in the middle of the action. End of the night I go to close the tab at the fancy bar. At the bottom I see something like 9 vodka sodas. Glenny who the fuck bought all these vodka sodas? 

I got those for the girls next to us

There were a couple babes in our row. Unbeknownst to me Balls was slinging drinks all night, being a classy gentleman and hoping these nice ladies enjoyed their evening at the park. Real Good Guy move from a true ambassador to chivalry. Citi Field charged $17 a pop and it was worth every penny. Although to be frank I was severely underwhelmed with the hot dog buffet. I'm not saying everyone needs to be carrying neon relish but for chrissakes if you steam your dogs, fuckin steam em boys. Don't go 50% and then hope the buffet tray candle finishes the rest of the job because that's preposterous. No one designed a buffet candle to do that kind of heavy lifting, but there I am at Citi Field in disgust. Also bad: brownies, side salads, pricing on all booze. 

The good stuff: free hot dogs even tho they sucked, single serve popcorn and the camaraderie. Oh boy was there camaraderie. 

I love this guy. Let me see that picture again. 

Fucking hilarious