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Anyone Else Feel Bad For John Paxson After Last Night's Episodes? No? Okay Cool.

Me neither. Watching him and Gar run the Bulls into the ground the last 5 seasons will forever prevent me from giving one flying fuck about John Paxson's feelings. Not now, not ever, not retroactively. It's physically and scientifically impossible for my emotions to be compromised by him again. John Paxson done fucked up something special to the tune of relegating the Bulls to the single worst relative status of any professional sports team. We've fallen so hard.

MOTHER OF GOD WE SUCK -  date night with your girl in the 300's

But then last night you see the Bulls chasing 4 in game 6 of the '93 finals with 45 seconds to go. You see Charles Barkley doing everything in his willpower to prevent one more Bulls title. You hear MJ tell the boys to only pack one suit and that he's hellbent on letting anyone be mentioned in the same sentence as himself. The stakes can't be higher, backs up against the wall, blah blah blah when Horace Grant finds a wide open Paxson from 23+ feet. Insert a 1-point lead and the Bulls first 3-peat. The sequencing of events as dramatic as any game 6 the NBA would see for a whopping 5 years. You better believe I went to SportMart for a Paxson jersey the next day but thats beside the point. 

Question remains - which John Paxson are you going to remember? Because there's only one man but two diametrically opposed opinions. On one hand you have the Notre Dame sharpshooter turned Bulls starting guard and 3-peat champion. On the other hand you have the the biggest and fastest collective fall from executive grace in Chicago sports history and his mug is all over it. Is hiring Boylen without a search party negative enough to offset the game winner? Probably not but all things included it makes me sick that I have to think extra hard about that game winner. It sucks there's even this kind of push and pull in my brain. Do you know how many Southside Johnnies grew up wanting to play off the ball with Michael? All of us, and it's nearly square on Paxson's shoulders. 

Now's a good time for me to remind you guys that the new Sheriff in town went for 19 against Michael in '97. Idk what that means for the future of the organization but I like the idea that the all of our Head Honchos routinely poured it in from 3. The NBA is shifting further and further away from the basket and it's a brain like Jerry Reinsdorf's that sees the value in applying it to the front office structure. 

when u think about it like that, 6 more titles isn't impossible