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Unreal Story By Shaq About The Time He Spent A Million Dollars In One Day

The ole "whoopsie daisy, I spent a million bucks in one day because I don't really know much I have". Went from having a million in the bank to being over drawn by 60 grand. Classic goof. Spent 400k on cars in a span of hours and it didn't even occur to him to slow it down. Nope, diamonds TVs, maybe a couple of trips to the strip club, and before you know you're technically broke again. 

I'd love to sit here and say that I would be better with my money that Shaq, but I can't. I am equally, if not more dumb. Last year when I moved back to Chicago after taking the job with Barstool I moved into a place that was probably a touch over my budget and I needed basically all new furniture. Instead of doing basic things like buying a bed, a dresser and you know...a couch...I saw a puppy on the internet and got him instead. For the first month or so I slept on a mattress in my living room because I just had to have that dog and I didn't care that I couldn't find a couch that I could afford that also fit through the door of my apartment. Somethings can wait. So impulse buying is just something people do I think. No telling what I would do with a million in my account. Probably buy 10 dogs. 

I'd say Shaq got things figured out though, like he said. 19 years in the league and Geneal auto insurance and icy hot adds puts his career earnings at around $700M according to Forbes. Decent career, and he will just continue to rake in cash forever because he has to be one of the most universally beloved athletes of all-time. Must be nice being Diesel.