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Shout Out To This Kentuckian Who Cut A Hole In Her Covid-19 Facemask Because It Helps Her To Breathe

KENTUCKY - A store clerk was left amazed by a customer who had ripped her covid-19 face mask because it 'makes it easier to breathe'. Joe Samaan was working his shift at an S J Food Mart outside of Lexington, Kentucky when a woman came in asking to pay for gas.  But unlike the hundreds of other customers Joe sees on a daily basis, the whole in this woman's protective facewear caught his eye. 

Not sure if this is a joke or or fake or not, and at some point it just really doesn't matter anymore.  Talk about next level stupidity.  A "Covidiot", if you will.  However, in the end, is she totally wrong?  

...NOPE!  Cutting a hole in the facemask does indeed help you breathe easier, just like how dropping the scuba tank 50-feet down makes it lighter and easier to swim underwater.  In fact, this brilliant mindset should expand through all facets of life.  Seat belts in the car?  Psh.  It's so much better on the torso to be unencumbered while on the road.  Same thing goes for those NASA nerds in space.  Never got why astronauts wear those bulky suits on spacewalks when they'd be so much more comfortable in mesh shorts and an intramural t-shirt. All in all, don't surprised if these are marketed and sell like hot cakes. "The Karen Mask":  A Darwinian designed face covering specifically engineered for those who really, really need help.  

PS - Obligatory intro to Idiocracy clip.  Can't be much more spot on about reality. 

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