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Dream Team Jordan Invited Mark Henry To His Birthday Party After Their Combative First Meeting At The '92 Olympics

We had WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry on the 2Biggs Podcast last week. In addition to stories about Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and Michael Clarke Duncan, Mark "Sexual Chocolate" Henry tells us about his confrontational first meeting with Michael Jordan in 1992 at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona. Charles Barkley emerges as the hero in this story that highlights Jordan being an asshole to a stranger and immediately feeling bad about it.

This led us to a conversation on the podcast about getting big-timed by celebrities. Willie Colon has an ongoing feud with Busta Rhymes after Busta big-timed Willie in a New York nightclub right after he was drafted by the Steelers. Ironically, I was with Willie when I got big-timed by my hero, Jerome Bettis, at Jay Glazer's Super Bowl party. Back in 2016, Willie introduced me to Mr. Bettis and after he and Willie finished up their Steelers Brotherhood moment, I scream-whispered at The Bus in my club voice, "I played football at Notre Dame!" I was expecting a "What dorm were you in?" followed by a walk down South Bend memory lane. Instead, I got a very cold and uninterested, "Willie already told me that" and a disappointed pat on the shoulder as he left me with a dumb look on my face in the middle of a party DJed by Mötley Crüe's Tommy Lee.


Even with the invite to MJ's birthday party, Mark Henry may never forgive Michael Jordan for disrespecting him like that in their first meeting. Have you ever felt the pain of being big-timed by a celebrity?

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