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Still Can't Believe A Courtroom Sketch Artist Thinks This Is What MJ Looks Like

I can't get over this courtroom sketch. This might have been the biggest surprise and what's stuck with me the most from last night's The Last Dance. Look at this! It's absolutely hilarious that the sketch artist drew this, looked at it and went yep, that's MJ. Nailed it! Naturally, the tweets back to Mickstape nailed some of the comparisons: 

Man and for all things potentially just being involved in gambling. That's straight up rude to have this sort of sketch. Granted it's not the worst one we've seen, it's just not Michael Jordan. We gotta talk about sketch artists though. How do you miss what people look like this bad? How can Kate and Chaps do a better job painting than these pros? Let's look at the most obvious examples

Only one thing left to do now. Let Chaps and Kate become courtroom sketch artists. What an unbelievable way to paint MJ.