Wake Up With The Entire 1998 NBA All Star Game At MSG

First things first, yes I understand this was from The Last Dance. I wish this entire game had Bill Walton talking over Nas and A Tribe Called Quest. The soundtrack to The Last Dance is fucking unreal but episode 5 being the All Star Game at MSG with Nas? Beautiful. Second, Bill Walton calling the All-Star Game. Can we make that happen again? Imagine Bill Walton trying to figure out the Elam Ending this year. Feel like we need to make this happen. Just ship him directly from the Saturday Pac-12 game to the All-Star Game. Who says no? Finally, we need to make these 90s NBA jerseys come back full time. What a beautiful sight we have here. The old school purple Lakers jersey. The purple Suns jersey that Kidd is rocking. The green Sonics. The light blue KG Timberwolves. It's so beautiful. That's even before we bring up the Magic, Hornets and Pacers with pinstripes. Let's get that back. 

PS: If you're in your mid-30s, this lob is engraved in your brain