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Cindy Crawford: 54 Years Old, Model, Actress And Can Absolutely Get Buckets

I know we're all caught up in talking about whether or not players today could compete in the 90s or if guys from the 90s could still be great today, I want to talk about someone who could play in both eras. Cindy Crawford. She's 54! FIFTY. FOUR. And I know that Carmen Electra drew a ton of love from last week's The Last Dance episode and rightfully so. But Cindy Crawford somehow snuck under the radar and I refuse to let that happen another week. I REFUSE! 

Cindy Crawford is a staple for us born in the 80s. She was the peak model for us to grow up with. We all remember the Playboy shoot. You say the name Cindy Crawford and it's hard not to at least get a semi. That said, we gotta call her out for this hoop not being 10 feet right? Come on Cindy. I get what you're doing here but get that hoop over 6 feet high. 

That said, wanted to give a shout out to the queen of modeling. We can't just focus on Carmen Electra. We have to remember the others. 54! But for now, like the Last Dance, let's take a trip down memory road