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May I Present The Coldest Take Of All Time

Every episode so far in this documentary there has been someone who walks away with a giant L. For a few episodes (well all of them so far tbh) it was Jerry Krause, then it was Isaiah. Well tonight it's that dude who declared that Michael Jordan may be forgotten. I usually hate the "that didn't age well" crowd but hollllly moly did that not age well. As crazy as that sounds nowadays, it's just as crazy of a statement to say at that time. It's not like Jordan wasn't outrageously famous and really fucking awesome at basketball when that all happened. By 1990 Jordan was a 6 time all star and led the league in scoring for the 4th straight year. He was putting up 30+ a season like it was normal. Pretty sure people were always going to remember him. 

I'd love to get Nathan McCall's take on that quote in 2020. I wonder what his friends and family are texting him right that second. We hear a lot of stupid stuff on the internet nowadays, but that's an all time take. Put all the political shit aside, I just don't understand how someone could think MICHAEL JORDAN would be forgotten. Yikes.