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Breaking Down Some Of The Best Magic Johnson Tweets

Last night we got a good amount of Magic Johnson in the Jordan doc. This story he told right here was one of my favorite stories from the whole series so far:

Just awesome in every way. I'd have paid good money to be a fly on the wall for Dream Team practices back in the early 90s. Just peak MJ competitiveness.

Then I saw Big Cat retweet this last night...

… and besides saying to myself "wtf" I had a good laugh at myself. Magic Johnson, incredible basketball player, but the GOAT of obvious tweets. Just years and years of thinking out loud on that godforsaken app. But the tweet above sent me into a bit of a rabbit hole to see what else Magic was capable of on Twitter and just as I suspected, he spit nothing but truth after truth at us.  

I know Magic tweets are pretty well documented by Big Cat and other outlets, but this was the first time I took time out to actually digest them and google his best tweets. Just laugh out loud funny and everyone is in on the joke but him. So if you're like me and didn't realize how deep Magic gets on Twitter, this blog's for you.

Some of them resembled Tweets of a local beat reporter like these: 

I always kinda laugh when you follow hyper local beat reporters for any given team/sport, and anytime anything of any relevance at all happens, you see all of the reporters say the exact same thing almost word for word. Shit like "Abreu hits a sac fly to CF. White Sox lead 2-1". You never see it from a team exec though. Why Magic says this kinda shit is wild to me.

Then you'd get some stuff like this where he just tweets what he's doing or whatever is on his mind. We're all guilty of it, but Magic takes it to a whole new level.

Just thinking out loud and letting the people know what's up in the most vanilla, boring way possible. NBD! But we'd also get a look into the mind of Magic Johnson the basketball savant:

The Lakers took Brandon Ingram with this pick, and guess what? He averaged almost 25PPG in 2019-20 before the season was cut short. Nobody on earth knew he'd turn into one of the league's better players, nobody but Magic Johnson that is, and the basketball truths didn't stop there:

But not everyone is infallible. Take this tweet for instance:

Jesus Christ Magic!! That is an all time bad take. Those Bulls teams STUNK even if the roster wasn't awful on paper. Just so bad to watch. Egos all over the place. But that wasn't near as bad a take as this one:

Fisher only got canned by the Knicks for allegedly fucking Matt Barnes ex-wife if I recall correctly. Again, nbd. Nobody is perfect and hind sight is always 20/20. Whatever. No big whoop. Win some, lose some. 

But Magic Johnson is man of morals too:


But the best of the best is when he took what I imagine was a LOT of time to construct his top 60 lists because he was turning 60 years old:

I would KILL to get Magic on The Dog Walk to take part in some snake drafts with us. I'd be a little intimidated at first because I usually come with 7-8 "players" I want to draft, then freeball it from there. Magic straight up does his homework. But ranking The Sopranos 57th best TV show of all time? MAGIC ARE YOU HIGH!!! And then The Wire 58th? I haven't seen The Wire but it's been said by many that it's the best TV show of all time, so to rank 57 other shows before it is BANANAS. 

I'm sure there are more gems amidst his 10K tweet that I missed out on, but this blog should serve as a good starting point for a look into Magic Johnson's twitter brain. Just so damn funny.