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DJ Khaled Had a Straight Up Panic Attack When Some Random Fan Started Twerking For Him On IG Live

Incredible. Instagram live is a dangerous game to play these days. One moment you could be having a nice chat with a young fan of yours who wants to grow up to be just like you...then the next moment you've got someone who wants to end your marriage right then and there no questions asked. This woman was going full thot too, pouring water down her back twerking like there's no tomorrow. Khaled was begging to her to stop saying he's got a family as if someone had a gun to his head. 

For 45 seconds this woman had him in a torture chamber with no way out. When he went to cover his eyes screaming "just talk to me normal!" I lost it. Pure panic with no idea what to do. What a moment during quarantine. Props to Khaled because that man held strong as well as you can. Not even a second of his face enjoying that. A lot of lesser men would've cracked at some point there, but he's clearly a family man and knew the consequences. That's a man who loves his two kids, his wife and is way too old for the thot life. Last thing he needs is a blow up fight during quarantine. He's come too far the last few months to have it all come crashing down like that.