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Has Drake Ever Gone Fishing?

Part of the human experience is wrestling with mental predicaments that don't always have a clear cut resolution.  How did the Universe begin?  Who killed JFK?  Where do babies come from?  Well in addition to those burning questions, something else has been bouncing around my brain like one of those DVD screensavers that you watch try to get perfectly in the corner.

Its such a simple question, and I wish there was some type of double entendre or funny underlying message here, but there is not.  The thought just crossed my mind a couple weeks ago and I still haven't been able to shake it.

Has Drake Ever Gone Fishing?   

Did he catch anything?  What did he use as bait?  I wonder if he saw any turtles or snakes while standing there.  Did he use a spinning rod or one of those closed cover ones that the little kids use.  Did he like it?  Maybe he went fishing in the ocean!  How cool did he think the Dolphins were if he saw some while running out to the fishing spot?  There are infinite questions that flow through my head.  


He's shot guns

He's worked at grocery stores

He's gone out to dinner with girls asses that are so big that everyone in the room is so uncomfortable

BUT has he ever gone fishing? He has have gone at some point in his 33 years on Earth right? 

My best guess is that he went in the summers he used to spend in Memphis.  I'm envisioning Drake standing with Dennis Graham or his Uncle (whose house felt like the Hamptons for all of his summer romances) on the banks of a pond in Tennessee.  I can picture him uncomfortably shifting around, kind of bored, while his bobber floats around untouched.  He drifts off dreaming of his baby sitter that he would end up crushing years later, looking into the clouds just as a Bluegill steals the live worm off his hook.  It then probably got too hot in the July sun and they went home.  That's the vision that seems most likely in my head. 


I can't see him fishing on a boat motoring out to find some Mahi Mahi on a weedpile in the Gulfstream, it just doesn't look right.  

I don't really imagine him fishing in a stream, waders on and all, patiently coaxing a dry fly past a waiting Trout, he's got too much going on it isn't realistic.

There's just no way he took a break from Calabasas pool parties or Bridle Path fireworks shows to cast X-Raps at pike or smallmouth in Ontario. 

I searched and searched but there is no conclusive evidence either way.  The LACK of evidence seems to indicate that he never has.  For such a famous person, there would surely be documentation if he had caught a fish.  At the very least you would think there would have been an excited Instagram from a Captain who took him and his boys out.  I mean we know that he HAS been on a boat.

And before you say it, I know in the "Freak In You" remix he said "Plenty fish in the sea but I never go fishin" but that is far from conclusive.  Does he "never go fishin" because he used to wake up at 4am to hit the topwater bite and got tired of losing expensive lures on tree branches or submerged logs?  Was dropping whole Bonitas from 130W's in the surf to target a 14 foot Hammerhead actually the "Ignorant Young Money Miami Beach Shit" he referenced?  Until we know for sure, we simply cannot rule out any possibilities.

Now while it seems impossible to get an answer on such a topic from a man known as the "6 God" who has more money than most small countries, his own mini Air Force, and barely grants interviews about his job, I feel like there is hope. In an extremely fortuitous bounce, my esteemed friend, Roney the Baby Prince (soon to be the King) is actually one of the microscopic percentage of human beings that can COMMENT on Drake's Instagram.  With great power comes great responsibility and Rone knows this.  He used his tremendously exclusive platform to try and get the answers that the world deserves.


And now a conversation has started.

And now I am looking to the internet aka Earth's most powerful magic machine to somehow conjure up an answer.  I don't know for sure what we will accomplish along the way of this journey, but I won't stop until I know the truth.  


(PLEASE ANSWER @champagnepapi )