I Respect The Heck Out Of Ian Kinsler's Wave To The Rangers Dugout After Homering In His First AB Back In Texas


Love it. Absolutely love it. For whatever reason, Ian Kinsler is a guy who always rubbed me the wrong way. Hated his stupid smile, hated the way he seemed to hit .800 against the O’s, all of it. And now I’ve completely flip flopped. His bitterness at the Rangers for trading him away for that fat fuck Fielder is nothing short of admirable. For chrissakes, he said before the season that he hopes they go 0-162. That’s the kind of grudge we can all get behind. So was gazing at his homer and waving at the Rangers dugout a douchey move? Definitely. But it was douchey in all the right ways. Kinsy can play on my team any day.