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Groggily Awaken Around 11:45am And Ponder Your Existence With 'Hippo Fart Explosion'

Welp. There you have it. I'm not in the space for a sunny 'wake up with' but I will groggily awaken just before lunch time to ponder my existence on the internet while the coffee maker heats up, and then share that vibe with you.

Nearly a decade ago now Hippo Fart Explosion became an instant classic in my YouTube 'must watch and share' rolodex. In fact, back in my party heyday I was the Johnny Appleseed of this video. 

If you got stuck talking to me at a bar late-night I was 110% telling you to pull up Hippo Fart Explosion even if the music was blaring. "Hey, just save it for later, promise you'll love it," I'd yell before going home alone and plucking meatballs out of a Chef can with my bare hands. 

Were you on a group project with me for school or work? Guess what. I was making you watch it before we dug into research. "A little ice breaker here folks, you're gonna laugh, haha." 

Relatives, friends neighbors... If you're within six degrees of me you have to have seen it by now. Sorry, not sorry.

The only other video that's had the same impact on me & that I've been a massive proponent for is also from 2011. It is none other than the classic "CanonBall Dookie" (take one!). Guaranteed belly laugh. Please enjoy. Happy Sunday.

*UPDATE: Checking back on my blog once it posted as I usually do, it occurred to me that in the long, pointless video of me watching Hippo Fart Explosion I posted the version where I didn't chop the end off and you can see me wearing an enormous pair of gray underwear from those 12 packs you buy at Walmart in the reflection of my dirty door mirror while I lean back to turn the video off. I do do that type of Easter Egg stuff to be funny sometimes.. but this was not one of those times. 

Despite a quick moment of panic I'm not taking it down because at this point I've lost all sense of shame, but I am acknowledging it here so you know that I know that maybe you know if you were bored enough to get through the whole thing. Thank you for your time.