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The Red Rifle Returns to Texas As Andy Dalton Signs with the Cowboys

ALERT! This is NOT a test! The RED RIFLE is heading back to Texas to play backup QB. 

After everyone thought Dalton would be heading to Jacksonville to backup Gardner Minshew, Jerry pulled another rabbit out of his hat and swooped in to nab the 3x Pro-bowler to backup the franchise QB of the future, Rayne Dakota Prescott. 

Do I know this is going to create media fodder to debate whether Dak is REALLY the future? YES! Do I know this is going to create further contract controversy? ALSO YES. 


But that doesn't change that the Cowboys DESPERATELY needed someone capable to play behind their starter. Before Dalton was added to the roster, their backup was a Cooper Rush, making 2MM a year plus a 7th round rookie named Ben DiNucci. 

One bad play and the Cowboys' hopes of going deep into the playoffs would be gone quicker than CeeDee can take a deep ball to the house.

And this shores that all up. The haters will say its a sign of a lack of faith in Prescott but it really is just a sign that the front office is ALL in for the 2020 season, whenever that actually starts.