Today In Cookies: Limeade Oreos Sound Like An Absolute Tragedy

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FoodBeast – We’ve seen Watermelon Oreos, Fruit Punch Oreos, and now Limeade Oreos. The limited edition flavor was spotted on shelves by The Impulsive Buy reader Sascha, and continues a summer-guided tradition for the Oreo cookie brand to release a fruit-driven cookie flavor. If reviews of previously released fruit flavors like Fruit Punch and Watermelon are any indication to the tastiness of this new flavor, the new Limeade Oreo might stand a tasty, fighting chance.


It’s not that I’m against change. It’s that I’m against disgusting, irrational change. Limeade sucks. No ifs or buts about it; limeade is a disgusting flavor. Lemonade, delicious. Refreshing. A top tier drink for a top tier guy. But lime? Not as much. Corona with lime, fantastic. Lemon lime sodas, pretty good. Tortilla chips with that hint of lime, they’re ok. Eating a lime by itself, get the fuck off my lawn. I don’t want, need, nor desire a lime flavored Oreo. This hurts the Oreo brand. I expect a certain amount of integrity from Oreos. Reese’s Cup Oreos make my mouth cum. Lime Oreos? Take a hike you trannies. If the cookie can’t be eaten happily with milk, it has no business being called an Oreo. Simple as that, Jack.