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Once Quarantine Is Over Let's All Agree To Keep Swearing On Television

MURDER HORNETS. Alright, alright, stay focused. The best thing to come out of quarantine, not as if there's much to choose from, is easily the FCC seemingly shutting down and allowing swearing on television. I know there used to be rules like you could do it once and it had to be on FX specifically after 10:30 or some shit. But with every episode of The Last Dance there appears to be a longer and longer leash with what they're willing to let fly and I am extremely here for it. The thing that bothers me about most shows is that people don't talk like how they're portrayed to talk. We swear. If you don't swear I don't trust you. You're hiding some sort of darkness that you're afraid to let the world see and should not be allowed to intermingle with the rest of civilized society. Swearing is like a spice or seasoning on your sentences. Too much and it's overbearing. Not enough and you're bland. I firmly believe part of what makes The Last Dance so intriguing is that Michael (Jordan, the crying meme man) is letting it FLY. This doesn't feel overly produced. It doesn't seem like it took a hundred, carefully constructed takes to get these soundbites. These guys are talking like how people talk. It's the most human Jordan has felt in, I don't know, forty years? It rules and should stick around for the long haul.

I don't need my meteorologist swearing. That's not what I'm advocating for here today. You want to keep a time limit on it, I'm cool with that. Anything after 8 pm on basic cable television goes. Let HBO and them keep the nudity and everything else. But bring swearing to the masses. And get rid of laugh tracks while we're on the subject I cannot believe there are still laugh tracks.