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Poor Nelson Cruz

I mean not literally:

But $111 million dollars and he was still just one pitch away from being a champion. If he starts that at-bat three feet further back, maybe everything is different. If Ron Washington puts in a defensive replacement, maybe everything is different. As is? Nelson Cruz is still on the receiving end of losses in the name of David Freese:

Shout out to Nelson for being a good sport and taking this in stride. Zero shouts out to Nelson for rocking a full beard with ZERO mustache. Preposterous.

Bruce Bochy also somehow caught some strays:

The episode only got stranger from there as Detroit Piston Langston Galloway dropped by to shit on Tony Snell:

He also talked about the time that Dwyane Wade embarrassed him in Madison Square Garden:

You can watch that video above but don't watch the one below. I'm asking you nicely:

But Langston redeemed himself by admitting that he plays The Show on rookie mode. A true man of the people:

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