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Dwyane Wade And Aaron Gordon Met Up On IG Live To Talk About The Dunk Contest

I dunno about you, but I can't remember a time where a Dunk Contest was still in the news 77 days after it happened. Was this how it was with Jordan/Dominque after their epic battle? The whole world knows Wade pulled some shady shit to get his fellow Miami Heat player the win. He knows it, we know it, everyone knows it. Then a few months went by and Aaron Gordon dropped a diss track about it, and now here we are with last night. These two finally sat down and hashed it out, but I'm still not buying Wade's story. The other judges already came out and said there was a plan and "someone" went rogue. Wonder who that was. Both guys certainly had a case for the win

so it's not like DJJ won by doing some shitty dunks, but like Gordon said. You dunk over Tacko you win. Period. He barely touched him and ya know, Tacko is like 8 feet tall. What a cop out to be like "yeah the overall dunk contest you won, he just won that final dunk". That's a crock of shit. DJJ was awesome there's no question, but the combination of all of Gordon's dunks plus the last one should have netted him the trophy. Now he's never going to do another dunk contest again because of the snub. Thanks a lot Wade you dick. Just when the Dunk Contest was getting back to being worth watching too.