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RIP To Sam Lloyd aka Ted From Scrubs

Scrubs is one of those shows that is kinda forgotten about now, but it was a CLASSIC. I think it was probably the first show that really made me fall in love with TV. I liked watching Seinfeld with my parents but Scrubs was the first one where I made a conscious decision to watch and it kinda bridged that watch/binge culture, as I skipped countless classes my freshman year of college just sitting in my room and watching Scrubs on MegaUpload. Consequently, most of my personality my freshman year was based on Perry Cox so I transferred after making zero friends and skipping the aforementioned classes.

However, Ted was always one of my favorite characters. He was kinda like an early Toby: he was ultimately responsible for a lot, he was bald, the boss hated him, and he was the ultimate sad sack. But Ted was also hilarious. Toby never really made you laugh, just feel bad for him, but Ted had countless LOL moments. Both he and Janitor were incredible bit characters and simply perfect in their roles. 

RIP to Sam Lloyd and go watch Scrubs if you haven't. 

PS - also had a sneaky great voice. The "Facts of Life" cover is amazing.