Weekend Wake Up: Eminem's "Without Me" On MTV's Making The Video

Remember when artists and rappers used to make music videos for their singles? Hell, there was a show on MTV all about making the music videos, and it was so damn awesome. Pound for pound "Making The Video" may have been one of the best shows on tv.  They'd follow the artist throughout the whole process, all the makeup, wardrobe changes, everything, and then premiere the video at the end. You'd see the video every day on TRL for the next 45 days and never got tired of it. I mean every big band and artist was on this show, Blink 182, Beyonce, J Lo, Eminem, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Brittney Spears. This one even had Dr. Dre. I feel like nowadays no one would want to do this type of thing. They brought out all the big dogs for these episodes. And the videos weren't words on the Youtube screen like they are now, they were like full on movie productions. Artists used to put soooo much time into making these videos and they were always hilarious. I need music videos to make a comeback.