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Shane McMahon Taking Sick Bumps Vs Kurt Angle Taking You Into The Weekend

King of the Ring 2001. I put this right up there with the Mankind vs Taker HIAC match if you need to show someone 1 match to blow their minds. I mean Mankind getting tossed off the cell and then taking a bump through it will always be the craziest shit to happen i 1 single match, but the bumps Shane took vs Kurt here are vicious. Those suplexes into the glass because they bought the wrong type so he just bounced off of it and onto his head is as real as it gets. And then Shane just screams at Kurt to do it again, and then he bounces off AGAIN, leading Kurt to literally toss him through a pane of glass.

Here's a behind the scenes of it with commentary from Kurt and Shane:


Have a good weekend everyone.