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Add Shane Lowry To The List Of Professional Golfers Who STINK Right Now

I can't get enough of these videos. Professional golfers being absolute dog shit at the game of golf because of an unexpected lay off. A couple days ago we had Thomas Bjorn breaking a window in his house trying to film an at-home golf tip and now we've got Shane Lowry horribly flubbing chips into a bunker. That man is the defending Champion Golfer of the Year! He's no scrub! I bring that video to your attention in hopes that it makes you feel better. All of our golf games are going to suffer during this quarantine and that extends all the way to the best golfers in the world. Look at it this way, when you top your first drive back you can say, "Fucking quarantine screwed my whole game up." It's a built-in excuse and there's nothing us hackers love more than excuses.

Never forget Shane Lowry singing in a pub after winning the Open championship 


Fucking beautiful.