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Perfect Season Bruined: UCLA Stuns (1) USC in Regular Season Finale

Oh my goodness. No, USC fans and #DuggsNation, that was not a bad dream. That was as real as it gets. 

The USC Trojans are no longer undefeated.

The USC Trojans are no longer the No. 1 team in the country.

And the USC Trojans are going to need a miracle to even have a chance to sneak into the BCS Title Game.

All of this comes after a shocking result at the LA Memorial Coliseum this afternoon, where unranked UCLA took down arch rival (1) USC 42-31.

The first half was a pure shootout, as both offenses traded punches left and right.

But when it mattered most, Chaz Kyle flat out did not show up. The Heisman Hopeful's chances took an enormous hit on Friday afternoon, and the evidence explains why:

But in the end, the USC Defense could not make a stop with everything on the line...

And Coach Duggs was not NOT going to blame the other side of the ball (in addition to his wide receivers)...

The one thing Coach Duggs has that the Twitch Chatters *definitely* don't have is hope. And immediately after the shocking loss, the brain of USC's Offensive Coordinator quickly switched to figuring out one thing and one thing only: How can he squeeze his way into the Natty?

Step 1 of this huge task is tonight at 10 PM ET, when USC looks to bounce back vs. Stanford in the PAC-12 Title Game. Tune in here: