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Good News: The LA Police Corruption Still Knows No Bounds


LATimes – David McDonald was hired despite admitting to sheriff’s investigators he had a relationship with a 14-year-old girl whom he kissed and groped. He was 28 at the time.”I was in love,” he said in an interview with The Times. “I wasn’t being a bad guy.”

It’s official, it’s not diddling as long as you’re in love. Give the guy a break, he wasn’t being a bad guy. Just because he fucks kids, doesn’t mean he can’t serve and protect this city.  If you think otherwise, you’re being unreasonable and should take a beating with a night stick during a routine traffic stop.  I’m sure he’s requesting to be assigned to things like high school dance security, middle school dance security, arcade security, and he’s even offering to ride on school buses to make sure they’re safe. He loves these kids, so he’d go above and beyond to protect them. Plus if he does a good job, the kids will think he’s cool and let him touch them.  I wish this was a joke like the kids telephone blog, but it’s true. They hired this man. Give credit where credit is due, he manned up and admitted it to the sheriff’s department in the interview. That’s called integrity, a trait of all good cops.