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Taking You Into The Weekend With A Shit Ton Of Awesome Kawhi Plays

What a 5 year run it's been for Kawhi Leonard. He made his first All Star Team in 2015-16, won 1 DPOY, a Finals MVP, 2 All NBA First Teams, 1 All NBA Second Team, 2 All NBA Defensive First Teams, 1 All NBA Defensive Second Team, had one of the greatest shots in NBA Playoffs history, and wakes up today one of the best players in the league and without a doubt the best two way player. He was able to accomplish all that while only playing in 9 games in one of the last 5 seasons. 

Unless you're a Sixers fan, it's honestly pretty hard to not love everything about Kawhi. He's humble, when he does talk he doesn't really say much, and then he steps onto the floor and is an absolute killer. It's one of the reasons I desperately want the NBA to come back and have a playoffs. Can you imagine if Kawhi goes nuts again and leads another franchise to their first ever title? What would that do in terms of his all time rankings? Has to move him up quite a bit wouldn't you think?

I figured since we're all waiting until Sunday for the next two episodes of The Last Dance, it made sense to send us into the weekend with another certified assassin. Remember, don't you dare go outside.