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Mike Tyson Is Tweeting Out Clips Of Him Training Again And Now I'm Scared

You know why the thumbnail on this blog was blurry? Because Mike moved so fast that even when I paused the clip the resolution couldn't catch up. I'm assuming the video is kind of old(?), but it doesn't matter. All he's doing is reminding the world that he's #stillthebaddestmanontheplanet, which he is. Gray hair or not Mike Tyson will knock you into another dimension. He moves the exact same way he did in the 80s except now he's your dad's age.

That final lunge at the end where he's looking for one more hit? He's been doing that for forty-years. He gets into a rhythm and just keeps going. Scary stuff. I wasn't planning on having nightmares tonight yet here are. Thanks a lot, Mike. Have a great weekend everyone. 

*Obligatory press conference montage.