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The Oculus Scoreboard at the Rams & Chargers New Stadium is Straight Out of 'Bladerunner'

Source - SoFi Stadium is going to be one of the most spectacular venues in the world when it’s finally finished this year. ... 

One of the iconic features of the stadium is the Oculus video board that’s suspended from the roof. It’s a double-sided screen that’s truly one of a kind, displaying high-resolution 4K video to every fan in the building.

The Oculus is still being build and is at ground level right now, but the screen is nearly finished. Almost all of the LED screens have been installed and this week, a test was run by displaying videos on the Oculus. ...

It’s the only double-sided video board in an NFL stadium, boasting the largest LED playback system ever used. It features 80 million pixels, as well as 260 speakers, which will put out all of the audio for the entire stadium.

It’s weighing in at 2.2 million pounds and stretches 120 yards long, too.

How weird is it that the original "Blade Runner" was set in 2019, and now we get this. Sure, we didn't get the flying cars. And as much as we could all go for a replicant who looks like 1980s Sean Young, the closest we've gotten to her is a cylinder on my kitchen counter that plays a limited catalogue of music when I want and spies on me for Jeff Bezos when I don't. But life has gone to shit. Everything is filthy. And we have officially entered the massive, hi-def, gaudy suspended billboard phase of our existence. 

Still, the Oculus scoreboard looks incredible. It's not virtual reality; it's enhanced reality. At 120 yards and 80 million pixels, you could probably show flashing lights on it and watch half the stadium start going into epileptic fits, swallow their tongues and piss themselves. Like I would go see the Rams or even the Chargers play for the sole purpose of seeing ad game on this thing. And probably never even glance at the field. 

It's hard to believe that in the span of about 40 years we've gone from the first electronic scoreboard at Fenway that was made of individual light bulbs and showed barely-recognizable photos of the players that looked like connect-the-dots pictures to a 2.2 million pound hi-def technical marvel like Oculus. It's kind of a shame to have something this advanced be wasted on two franchises with absolutely no fan bases to speak of. But the fact that it's going to give Jerry Jones and his puny, 25 million pixel screen a crippling case of scoreboard envy will make it all worth it.