Strippers, Pole Dancers, Burgers and Fries

by Jim Florentine

Producer NOTE: Big Tennessee blogged this but he must be shy about purchasing pictures (truth be told, the better pictures are in the link below from Daily Mail)

From Daily Mail:

An exotic dancer who goes by the name Karma Jane wears personal protective equipment while performing in a drive-through go-go dance tent offered by the Lucky Devil Lounge strip club in the wake of the coronavirus disease on Friday.

I don’t know how satisfying it would be to have to put your dollar in a stripper’s g-string using salad tongs. Maybe for an extra twenty bucks you can get the girls to change your oil and rotate your tires?

I like that it’s inside a tent. It’s like a circus for adults. Fuck three-rings when you can see nipple rings. 

The dancers have to wear protective masks. I’ve been in plenty of strip clubs where I wished the dancer was wearing something to cover her face. I wonder if you can give them $20 to take their mask off?

If I went there, I’d set off my driver’s seat airbag on purpose, so it felt like I was getting a lap dance. 

They even made up a dopey slogan “Food To Go Go.” I think a better one would have been “Snatch Some Lunch.” 

They give away toilet paper as prizes to the customers. Yeah, because when you’re watching a girl dance, you wanna be thinking about taking a shit. 

If this catches on, other businesses are going to have to find ways to compete. Like when you pull up to the Burger King
drive-thru, the girl at the window flashes her beaver at you. 

There are some problems with this idea: Do you know how hard it is to get cum off the inside of your windshield? Maybe that's what they give you the toilet paper for. That will be a first for me, getting an erection at a drive thru.

So it's like $15 bucks for the food, and $30 to have the girl deliver it to your car. That's still cheaper than buying your lunch
at Whole Foods. 

You used to have to worry about your wife finding glitter on your clothes. Now you have to worry about her finding food crumbs. I think I'd rather catch the coronavirus than eat take out food from a strip club.


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