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Ronaldinho Once Demanded A 'Nightclub Clause' In His Contract So He Could Go Party At Least 2 Nights A Week

[Daily Mail] - Ronaldinho astonishingly insisted on a 'nightlcub clause' in his Flamengo contract that entitled him to two nights out partying a week, it has been revealed.

Flamengo gave in in the end in effort to get Ronaldinho's signing over the line.

'Win, lose, play well, play badly - Ronaldinho didn't care.

'He would still find a party and enjoy himself long into the night.

I said this in my last Ronaldinho blog that talked about him skipping Monday's practices every week so he could go party in Cancun. We hear the term power moves only, but Ronaldinho legit pulled power moves only. He was a star - and that might be underselling it - when he was at Barcelona and AC Milan. That said his career was coming to an end so he went to Flamengo in his home country of Brazil. 

But the nightclub clause? That's legit the smartest thing I've ever seen in a contract. Ronaldinho loved and I mean he LOVED partying, so why wouldn't you keep your ass covered with a clause? I'll tell you what else. This is pretty fair from Ronaldinho. He only asked for 2 nights of going out and partying his ass off. Seems like he could have at least gotten 3. Then again he does have a thing for things in twos

I would love to have sat in that negotiation though. Like I said, there was a time when you could make the case for Ronaldinho as the best player in the world and the most famous soccer player in the world. Here he comes back to his home country and all he wants is a party clause. Probably led with it. Didn't even think about money to start. Went in with needing this done. Power move not signing it until this was accomplished either. 

Dude was just so fun to watch