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A Doctor Is Getting Hospital Staff HYPED To Fight Covid-19 With The Herb Brooks Speech

WHOOOO let's fucking GO! Bad day to be a global pandemic. Fuck this virus. I feel like now that this is out there we can open the country. I mean, if the virus saw this they'd run back to bats or labs or wherever they came from so fast. Probably don't even come out for the 3rd period. Having been throwing a lot of blame around, but if Fauci had just gotten up there in January and done this speech then we would probably be playing sports right now. We'd be knee deep in the NHL playoffs and slamming beers at Wrigley on the first and most beautiful day of spring. I can't wait to throw my mask on and head out into the world to do my part. I might bath in purel tonight after seeing this. The tide just officially turned and Covid-19 is now on notice. Let's go.