Come Rewatch American Gladiators On Barstool TGIF Now!

Nothing like the 90s. That's why a few weeks ago Clem and I decided to launch Barstool TGIF while we're in quarantine. Every Friday at 9pm we're going live with friends to talk about the 90s. We started episode 1 with Guts and Mike O'Malley: 

Last week we went through Rock n Jock basketball with KFC and Tyler: 


Tonight we welcome Capt. Cons and Chief - two olds like us - to come talk about American Gladiators. The premise of the show is simple. We start rewatching clips and old episodes and just talk through it. We'll take questions from everyone on Periscope and argue about rankings. American Gladiators was awesome, man. The Eliminator does not get the respect it deserves. 

You can follow by going to Clem's twitter or my twitter and we'll be live at 9pm. Long live the 90s.