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This Is The Horniest Song On The Internet

I know a lot of you are probably unfamiliar with Marvin Sease and that's fine. I'm here to give you an education on the man many consider to be the horniest singer of all time. With hits like "Candy Licker, Sit Down On It, I Ate You For My Breakfast, Motel Lover, and Cheatin' John he's bedded over ten million women. (Rough estimate)

Sease has been described as "an American blues and soul singer-songwriter known for his gospel-infused vocal style and erotic lyrics". Personally, I think he's just really really horny. Not sexual, horny. Most of his songs are him just describing how he wants to do you. He even has a song, "I Wanna Do Ya" which is the one I've listed below. I've honestly never heard anything like it. If you're at work put your headphones on. You ready? Here ya go...

The lyrics for those of you who couldn't listen: 


"You over flow with sex appeal, it's only natural to want to get physical

I'm not ashamed of the way i feel, I don't mean to embarrass you girl 

The words i say may be too fast 

But the only way i know to say, straight up point blank…

I wanna do ya, oh do ya babe. 

I wanna do ya, do ya, do ya up girl.

Come on and let me do ya, do you up baby and you can do me right back. You can do me right back. 

I'll help you lose your inhibitions, your fantasies you can't express

We'll explore every position, I wanna make love to you not just sex.  

I know some men can be selfish oh yes they can

But I know a woman needs to feel good too…

I'm not hung up on being macho baby, because if you believe in me, I'm pleasing you

I wanna do ya, oh do ya babe. 

So let me do ya, do ya, do ya up girl."

That song was released in 2004. If you find a hornier song let me know, but I'm pretty sure that's it. RIP to Marvin Sease. Gone but not forgotten.