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Pilot Pete And Kelley Singing Akon's 'Don't Matter' Is A Tough Watch

Boy, that is just.......that is just something I didn't need to see today. A good portion of Tik Toks make you cringe but that one in particular struck a cringeworthy cord for me. Really an unfortunate viewing experience overall. Not to mention I think this is the first time Pilot Pete and Kelley have acknowledged that they're actually dating? What a way to do it. I mean they've clearly been dating for weeks at this point but they've been saying they're not dating (even though they've been quarantining together in Chicago the whole time) but now it's official official thanks to Akon's "Don't Matter". 

On the flip side, you almost have to respect them for turning heel like this. Pete and Kelley clearly know they're not the most popular couple out there and they know people would prefer if they weren't together at all. So what do they do? They throw it in everyone's faces with a duet. It won't make anyone like them, in fact it will do exactly the opposite, but at the very least it's a ballsy movie.

I gotta say, Kelley being totally cool with Pete first being in love with Madison and then inexplicably proposing to Hannah Ann and then breaking things off with Hannah Ann and then trying to get back together with Madison then Pete allowing his mom Barb to sewer Madison on national TV and then breaking it off with Madison and then allegedly trying to get back with Hannah Ann AND THEN eventually hanging out with Kelley in Chicago is something. The heart wants what the heart can eventually have I suppose.