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Alex Jones Goes On All Time Rant, Says He Is Prepared To Eat His Neighbors Ass

I don't know why, but I haven't checked in on Alex Jones this quarantine. I saw some of the videos of him at the "Open Up Texas" protests in Austin, but I haven't tuned into InfoWars to see what he thinks of COVID-19. Probably for the better, but I would've gotten a laugh or two out of it. The good thing about the internet is other people will do the watching for you and then cut out the funniest parts. Example? Alex Jones talking about eating his neighbors ass. 

This is just peak Alex Jones. He played all the hits. Towards the end, he even threw in a "globalist" jab. 

P.s. Imagine being Alex Jones daughter? At the age of 6, you were preparing to fight off the globalists when you should be playing soccer with your friends.