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If You Didn't Tear Up During "Bye Bye Lil Sebastian" On Last Night's Parks And Rec Special There's Something Wrong With You

I'm about to tell you something I've never told anyone: when it came to Lil Sebastian, the character I always related to the most was Ben Wyatt.


I didn't hate Lil Sebastian, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I always thought everyone was being a little mean when Ben would ask what's so special. Sebastian was cute and all that, but he didn't have a hidden talent or anything? What made him so lovable to an entire state aside from cuteness? I like at least two tool players. 

But last night, there was a flip. I was watching the Parks and Rec special with my family, who's never seen Parks and Rec, and they all became Ben while I became the rest of Pawnee. I was sitting there tearing up, a shock to even me, while they said "what's the big deal?" and I told them to get out if they didn't understand the majesty of a mini horse.

I'm sorry I ever questioned you, Lil Sebastian, even if it was just a tiny, tiny bit. You know the part that hurts the most? Humans cannot ride a ghost. 

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