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Myles Garrett (6'4 271 Pounds) Casually No-Step Box Jumping 60 Inches Is The Most Ridiculous Thing I've Ever Seen Him Do

Hold on, lemme check my math real quick on those box sizes. 6......

Is that 60 inches???? Myles Garrett is 6'4 271 pounds and has a standing vertical jump of FIVE FEET?

Is Myles Garrett the best athlete in the world right now......? I don't think LeBron can do that. I don't think Zion Williamson can do that. And jumping is their thing! I know that they definitely can't go do his thing....

It is unbelievable how he bullies the best players in the game. I think that if this guy can keep his helmet on straight, he's going to be the Defensive POY and Comeback POY this year.

(Side note: you guys don't realize how hard it is to find a gif of Myles Garrett these days without having to sort through 50 pages of helmet swings)

Anyways, if Myles Garrett wants a goal line package then I don't see a way that he doesn't get a goal line package. No one, and I mean no one, tells this guy he can't do something.

Well, except Roger Goodell. He told him he can't play football for 8 weeks because he tried to murder someone with a helmet.