Fishbowl SZN: When The NHL Returns, Players Might Need To Wear Full Protective Face Shields

So here's the thing--I don't know if Bauer is specifically talking about fishbowls here or if they're talking about some other form of a hockey-specific shield. But if they're talking about fishbowls then let me just get out and say this right now...

This. Is. Awesome. 

The fishbowl is such a beauty look. Granted, I think you could wear anything with that BU setup and look clean as shit. But Jack Eichel at Boston might be one of the most iconic look that has ever graced the sport of hockey. There is quite literally not a single thing that's not perfect about this look. The uniform speaks to itself. The white mitts. The white ear loops on the helmet. The fishbowl with just the perfect amount of cage hang. It is how the kids of approximately 8 months ago would say...fuckin' mint. 

And now there's a chance that this look could make its way to the NHL without players having to worry about other guys calling them a pussy for wearing a full fishbowl. Obviously it's much easier to see and play when just wearing a visor or nothing at all, so I get why players would be so quick to ditch the fishbowls once they get to junior and/or the pro level. But that doesn't change the fact that the fishbowl is still the sign of a certified beautician. 

Or if the NHL can't get their players on board with going full shield once hockey returns, maybe they can come to a compromise and make everybody go full Dany Heatley. 

Fuckin' all star.