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Will Ferrell Crashed A Seahawks Zoom Meeting Pretending To Be Greg Olsen

Listen, I love Will Ferrell but this is just peak Seahawks. This screams Pete Carroll just wheezing laughing in the background as Ferrell says he drew up a play called Kanye Starburst. I'm not even hating on the move. We're all stuck in quarantine and dealing with Zoom meetings and shit like that. You gotta do whatever it takes to keep it light and make people laugh. Will Ferrell is the awesome at making people laugh. And just to fight, the best Will Ferrell movies: 

5. A Night at the Roxbury

4. The Other Guys

3. Anchorman

2. Step Brothers

1. Old School

But for some reason all I can think about during this meeting is him as the coach in Kicking and Screaming. I don't know if it's his voice cadence or what. But all I think is get the ball to the Italians. Ironically enough that's sort of the play call with the Seahawks. Just let Russell Wilson improvise. 

I gotta be honest, I always forget how much Ferrell has aged like a blogger until every time I see him. He's only 52 years old! I still picture him looking like he did in The Other Guys or something like that. But that man looks like he's been hunched over a computer blogging for years. 

I do wonder when these things will run its course. When will we stop doing the 'person is going to crash this Zoom meeting and it will be hilarious.' We're on week 6 or 7 or some shit like that of quarantine. We've had a million Zoom meetings. We've seen everyone from Peyton Manning to Coach Cal to Lil Dicky randomly sitting in a Zoom meeting. 

Obligatory Greg Olsen video: