Guy Arrested For Doing the Exact Opposite of Fighting Strangers on Black Friday

Arb - Altogether, he threw down $1,000 in dollar bills. Vorobyov said he had a rough year and wanted to do something nice for people.But mall security weren’t excited about the giveaway. They arrested him for disorderly conduct. A mall spokesman said his stunt could have caused a major disturbance and somebody could have been hurt.

Mall security has their priorities straight. This could have caused a “major disturbance” on Black Friday. He was throwing one dollar bills. It’s more of a true social experiment than a disturbance. I saw people fighting over dvd players on Black Friday. Grow up and fight over a Blu Ray player like an adult. If people fight over one dollar bills, clearly they should be the ones locked up. Plus, as big as that crowd was, statistically there had to be at least 10 strippers running around. We all know how strippers get around falling ones. If titties started popping out, we’re talking about this guy being a genius right now.