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John Wall Wanted To Transfer From Kentucky After Two Weeks Because Coach Cal's Practices Were Too Hard

(starts around 26:00) 

Thank God for John Wall's mom. That's all I have to say. John Wall is arguably the most important recruit in Kentucky history. If not, h'es top-3 with Jamal Mashburn and Anthony Davis on the list. Wall made going to Kentucky cool again. He was the guy that Calipari got to let everyone know we're back. 

John Wall was so fucking good at Kentucky too. It's crazy to think he wanted to transfer because Coach Cal's practice was too hard. Tough sentence to read for the 'Coach Cal doesn't coach' crowd. Cal doesn't give a shit if you're a top recruit or someone from Kentucky as a walk-on. He's going to work your ass in practice. There's a reason Kentucky gets better and better as the season goes on every year. 

I still can't believe that team lost to West Virginia. Fucking Joe Mazzulla. That's the worst part of the NCAA Tournament. One bad shooting night. One bad game and you're just done. Kentucky couldn't shoot for shit against West Virginia that game. 

Laugh out loud funny when Stephen Jackson just said 'yeah I couldn't pass that damn test' and that's why he went straight to the NBA.