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I Took Another L In NHL20 Tonight, This Time To Brady Tkachuk Of The Ottawa Senators

Another tough night on the sticks for this guy. I really thought I was turning the corner after getting a win against David Pastrnak last week. All it takes is one win to get things going, all I needed was one tonight against Brady to build some momentum and start becoming the true NHL20 superstar I am, but that wasn't the case, once again. 

I'm not one to make excuses, but I might have the worst NHL20 luck on the entire planet. Even Brady said it after the high stick no-goal, which was the biggest joke of all time. I don't know how much Big Walt paid off the refs before the game, but that was incredible they called that a no-goal. I don't want to guarantee a W in my next game, but I'm almost certain i'm getting a win. The pucks will start to go my way. I'll get some puck luck, it's inventible. It has to come at some point. 

Regardless, follow us on Twitch. I'll be getting pummeled by current NHLers about twice a week but I think we are even going to get some NHLers to start streaming COD, so at least you'll get that content.