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Cincinnati And Louisville Hoops Just Scheduled A Game On Twitter Using Seinfeld Gifs

And this is exactly why Twitter is around. It's why it's the best thing in the world right now. We have Chris Mack and John Brannen bored on Twitter so they went ahead and brought back the Cincinnati/Louisville rivalry. I'll say this, it's a heated rivalry too. You go back to the C-USA days and Big East days, these schools hate each other. Not to mention they are only 75 minutes or so apart it's a perfect geographic rivalry - something we're seeing more of when it comes to college hoops scheduling this year. 

Now my only complaint is Mack's first game back in Cincinnati needs to come at Xavier. Gotta give him his homecoming first before going to the rival. I need Travis Steele to jump in here and schedule Louisville at Cintas a year before he goes to 5/3. Also just to see the freakout on Twitter between UC and Xavier fans, but Mack was a Xavier guy through and through. A guy like that needs a true homecoming - not a pseudo-homecoming to the rival. 

That said, give me more of this. Give me coaches on Twitter scheduling games using gifs. Not bad choices either going with Seinfeld. You really can't miss using anything from that show. Need to know what coaches would book a game using It's Always Sunny. Show me who really gets it in the coaching ranks.