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The New 'Space Jam' Logo Was Revealed And.... It Is AWFUL

I'm not someone who likes to just instantly hate new things. I'm willing to give logos a good look and make my decision based on that. One look some might say. This one? My first look wonders why the A looks like an H. Space Jim? Space JHM? Whoms initials? 

I don't even hate the 'a new legacy' tag line. It's better than just slapping a 2 on it and calling it Space Jam 2, even though that's what everyone is going to do. At least 'A New Legacy' makes it sounds like they are going to try something a bit different. But that logo? That logo stinks. STINKS.

The 90s Space Jam logo is iconic. Every person knows it, no matter how old you are. I don't love the new coloring. Needs more of a pop. That iconic green (I'm a blue guy) still just had the pop and everyone knows life is about the pop. I also don't understand the different fonts in the new logo. Or at least the different font size. Just seems like there was a typo. 

Call me crazy, call me right (I am), just let me know what you think of the new logo.