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Somebody Made Law & Order-Themed Intro To Schitt's Creek And It's Superb


I gotta be honest, I'm new to Schitt's Creek. I had heard about it forever from a lot of different people about how great it is but quarantine is the first time I'm getting the chance to really dive into and let me tell you, it's AMAZING. I'm through 3 seasons so far and it's one of those shows that seems to just get better and better every season. I honestly cannot believe how funny it is sometimes. The episodes are only 22 minutes long (which means you can just plowwwwww through them) and they are packed to the gills with funny moments. 

There isn't a single character on the show that I dislike. Moira, Johnny, Alexis and David are obviously all so so funny but then there's all these hilarious side characters like Stevie, Roland, Jocelyn, Twyla, Bob, Ronnie, Ted, etc etc. The list keeps going. It's this whole word that I didn't know how badly I needed in my life. And then there will be times where the show makes me cry. Outta nowhere it'll punch me right in the gut but in the best way. 

Also, Bob jogging into frame will never not make me laugh 

It's funny every single time. 

So yes, if you're thinking about jumping into a new show during quarantine, make it Schitt's Creek. You won't regret it.