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V. Stiviano Must Be Out Of Money Because She Wants To Get Back With Donald Sterling

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Ummmm yeah, call it just a hunch but I don’t think you two are getting back together V.  I don’t think this is how these things work. Blackmail, expose the guy for being a scumbag racist, make him lose his NBA franchise, and then have it all be water under the bridge with a simple Instagram post and a few dozen hashtags?  Maybe I’m wrong, maybe Donald Sterling has a thirst for handsome looking Asian women with hard faces. Who knows right? Every man has a weakness and at the end of the day, you said it yourself, LOVE is your only motivation, that’s on the internet now, and if it’s on the internet then it has to be true.






I think V Stiviano thinks she just emailed this post to all of these publications. No chance she understands how hashtags work. #1BestSeller.


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