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Trilly Can Have a Little Midday #Pickem...As a Treat

Another NBA #pickem, Whiskers? Another NBA #pickem. Absurd value across the board here. I could not help myself.

Let's win a title. Build your lineup.

SG Michael Jordan $5 (Remaining: $10)

Listen, I almost didn't go with MJ here. He's everywhere right now and I wanted to have some fun. Even in my fantasies, that was a bad idea. The pick is Jordan, boring or not.

SF Kevin Durant $4 (Remaining: $6)

Let's turn Scottie Pippen into Kevin Durant here. Pippen is maybe the best defender ever but Durant is maybe the best scorer ever. And we know he won't mind playing with another superstar. And I say that, not even as a catty little bitch. You know those times Jordan dished it out to Paxson or Kerr? Let's keep those but he was kicking it out to KEVIN DURANT.

PG John Stockton $3 (Remaining: $3)

I've got my perimeter scoring squared away so I need someone to set the table and play some defense. So I'm going with the all-time leader in assists and steals, John Stockton. The gap between #1 and 2 in all-time steals (Stockton and Jason Kidd) is as big as the gap between #2 and 10 (Kidd and Alvin Robertson). The gap between #1 and 2 in all-time assists (Stockton and Kidd, again) is as big as the gap between #2 and 11 (Kidd and Andre Miller). He was also a career 38% 3P shooter that somehow only took 1.5 per game for his career?? He never took more than 2.8 per game in a single season, he hit 45% of them and no one thought to have him shoot it more often?!?? That was 1994-95 too, not 1958-59. John fucking Starks was taking eight of them per game. Tim Hardaway and Thunder Dan Majerle were taking seven per game. Known snipers like Reggie Miller and Glen Rice were taking six per game. And here's Johnny Stockton not even taking one per quarter. Disgusting.

PF Charles Barkley $2 (Remaining: $1)

Remember when I said there was absurd value on the board? Give me the guy that took an MVP off of a prime Jordan and then pushed him as far in the Finals as anyone else has. He slides to my number two option which pushes KEVIN DURANT to number three. He and John Stockton are just waiting outside for the skip pass.

C Hakeem Olajuwon $1 (Remaining: $0)

Absurd value. Borderline criminal value. Hakeem anchors my defense as the all-time leader in blocks and ninth all-time leader in steals. When Jordan needed someone to hold the league for a minute while he chilled out, he trusted it with Hakeem, and Hakeem took great care of it. He leads my defense and runs pick-and-roll after pick-and-roll with Stockton.

Michael Jordan-John Stockton-Kevin Durant-Charles Barkley-Hakeem Olajuwon