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Bill Clinton Bringing Bud Heavies To The Team USA Locker Room After Landon Donovan's Miracle Goal At The 2010 World Cup Is My Favorite Soccer Story Ever

[The Athletic] - The best story is that after I played 87 minutes with half a tongue, I’m now in the locker room getting my tongue stitched up — five or six stitches, perpendicular to the length of my tongue — and Bill Clinton comes in with a cooler full of Budweiser. Bill starts passing them out to the boys, so there I am and I can’t even talk. I’m drinking Budweiser with a swollen tongue, slamming beers with Bill with my shirt off.

I'm not gonna lie - these oral histories are starting to become a bit overdone and we're getting an oral history for every sort of thing. That said, I will read any and everything involving the Landon Donovan goal against Algeria in 2010. It's not the Miracle on Ice, but it's the closest our generation has gotten to it. By that I mean it's the moment everyone actually remembered where they were watching a sport that isn't football or basketball. People get invested in the World Cup and rightfully so. It's a blast, you have parties, the bars are insane. And then this happens. 

I'll never forget being so fucking pissed at Algeria during this game. The story tells it too but in case you don't remember, all 4 teams in the group had a chance to advance heading into this last day. Algeria had the slimmest chance though, especially when England scored (going on at the same time) early. They played this conservative game which made no fucking sense. It's like they were trying to fuck the US and let Slovenia and England advance. 

I could talk for hours about this specific goal. Everything from the throw by Howard to the first touch by Donovan to the way the lanes are filled, etc. But no, no, no. This is all about Bill Clinton bringing in a cooler of Bud Heavy's to celebrate with the boys. That's my favorite soccer story ever now - topping Gary Lineker from England literally shitting himself on the field during the 1990 World Cup. 

This quote from Jay DeMerit is my favorite thing in the world 

I was mumble talking and trying my best, but definitely enjoying the moment. For a kid from Wisconsin, drinkin’ Budweiser with the president with his shirt off is so Wisconsin. I couldn’t have been more proud.

Here's the thing. People weren't allowed in the locker room back in 2010. It was just the team. But that goal, man it was special. Also love how Reggie Bush was in there. What a goddamn crew. Clinton, Bush and the USMNT. That's a fucking party. I wouldn't have pegged Bill as a Bud Heavy guy either.  

PS: I still get chills watching the celebration video