Florida Weather Forecast Calls For 100% Chance Of Brody The Golden

Working from home has created all sorts of challenges for people, and a big one for those who need to record stuff has been their pets. Thankfully it's the happiest, most delightful challenge to have and Chief Meteorologist Paul Dellegatto for Fox13 Tampa handled Brody's guest appearance the best he could. I also love that Brody was already on the scene anyway.

On my end it's not so much a sound issue as it is keeping my motivational sugar snacks nearby for brain energy. 

In the end, Dellegatto can take solace in the fact that he is far from the first weatherperson to deal with a dog storming his segment.

Ladies and gentlemen, 18 month old Ripple from the Humane Society:

Bella goes for a casual stroll:

Please stfu, Maple:

Griffey loves the snow:

Go off, King!