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Russia Is Delivering Pizza With Drones and I'm Ready For My Pizza To Be Delivered By Drones Too

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RT - Pizza delivery will never be the same for a northern Russian city. From now on, drones will be delivering pizza to Syktyvkar residents, where a restaurant is rolling out a new service. DoDo Pizza’s first unmanned delivery was made on Saturday. The drone completed the order in just 30 minutes. “Along with one Moscow-based company we have conducted the first in the world commercial delivery via drones. Until now many similar variants have been shown on videos, but we tried to deliver real pizza to real customers, and we succeeded,” CEO of Dodo Pizza Fyodor Ovchinnikov told Itar-Tass news agency. To make sure that pizza does not fall in wrong hand, the helicopter drone is equipped with built-in GPS and video cameras that are monitored by the restaurant’s manager, who gives customers a phone call at the time of delivery. As the manager sees a customer come outside to accept delivery, the pizza is lowered to him using a cable. The drone does not come lower than 20 meters above the ground, so that people could not steal it. If someone tries to pull on the cable, the drone triggers an emergency anti-theft mechanism releasing the cable, and the drone will fly away. Since drones are not equipped to accept cash or cards, orders should be complete online or by phone and paid with a credit card at the time the order is placed. The pizza-drone is able to deliver up to 5kg of weight at speeds of up to 40km/hr (24.8 miles/hr), according to the Russian company CopterExpress that developed the chopper drone. Also, according to the CopterExpress website, the price for the drone is not sky-high, starting from 500 rubles (less than $15). On the first day of drone operation, the service earned DoDo Pizza 3,500 rubles (about $100), but the chief manager plans to continue the service. By the end of summer, Dodo Pizza’s CEO plans drones will be delivering pizza to several spots around Syktyvkar as well as to beaches and other public places.

h/t Dante

More important than the space race. Bigger than the Cold War. Russia has beat us to the drone pizza delivery service, and I’m livid. Dip my dick in a woodchipper and I would feel better than I do now. What do we tell our kids? What do we tell our families? Russia beating us to the punch on the thing we do best- pizza. And the other thing we do best- drones. And the third thing we do best- being lazy.

However, I’m not losing my mind yet. I’m scared, yes. I’m unhappy, sure. But remember Sputnik? Of course you don’t. Nobody does. Russia went to space, but we went to the moon. The MOON, bitches! What flag was on the moon? Was it the Russian’s? I think not. It was the stars and stripes. If Russia is flying pizza around in drones, think about what Dominos is going to do. My guess: Smellovision. Of course. If you don’t think we are a year away from beaming pizzas into our TVs, you’re an idiot of mass proportions. If Willy Wonka can do it, Dominos can do it. It’s really that simple. So would I like a drone delivery service and not have to talk to the delivery guy when he comes to the door? Sure, that’d be great. But do I know we have something 100x better on the way? Absolutely. And I’ll wait for it and then show Russia my ass when it gets here.